About Dave

Dave Holbrook, Forest Hill, MD personal fitness trainer Dave in competition

Hi! My name is Dave Holbrook and I am your personal trainer! Since I’m going to be your trainer, let me tell you a little about myself. My degrees and certifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/Sport’s Medicine and I am certified as a Personal/Group Trainer through the prestigious and internationally recognized Cooper Institute of Dallas, TX – the gold standard in personal training schools. Ever since I got involved in Pop Warner recreational football at age 11, I have followed a fitness and nutrition oriented life. After reading everything I could get my hands on that was related to exercise, fitness, nutrition, getting stronger, etc., I amassed quite a wealth of information. I exercised and trained like a madman. I spent years experimenting, verifying, modifying, fine-tuning and dismissing innumerable training techniques through trial and error. I tested them on myself and friends to see what worked and didn’t work. I began creating training routines for friends, relatives and co-workers and continued to do so informally for nearly 30 years. Then, to make it official, I traveled to Dallas and trained at the best school available to get my accreditation.

I was the Fitness Instructor for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office the last 8 years I worked there. I retired in 2009. During my lifelong interest in fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding, I have accumulated numerous awards winning a number of bodybuilding competitions (state and regional) and placing high in others. I represented the State of Maryland in national competition. I was even given my own weight training class in High School while still a student when the Phys. Ed teachers saw my abilities! During my career with the Sheriff’s Dept. I was recognized as the fittest deputy in the Detention Center (at age 48 and out of 140 deputies). I won an award for being Harford County Government’s fittest employee. While at the Cooper Institute, I tested at the 99th percentile for nearly every fitness category for my age group and outperformed the majority of the entire class (comprised of mostly 20 something years old athletes). I can compete with and outperform most of today’s young trainers and I have more years of actual training experience than they have years of life. Most importantly, I understand the effects of aging because I experience the same things!

I know that training programs are not created equal and even the ones that DO usually work, don’t work for everyone. I understand aching joints, bad backs and how getting older affects people. I know how to change, modify and improve a program in mid-stream when it’s not working. My students know they’re gonna work . . . HARD, but they know the results I produce are worth it! Whatever your goals, I can help you get there quicker and more safely. Safety is my number one priority and I will push you to your limits, but I won’t take chances with your safety. I have never had a student get injured from my training – sore YES, but not injured! Your results are what I take seriously, and I accept nothing less than you making the changes you want.

I have trained people of all ages and fitness levels, both male and female and have never trained anyone who did not make excellent gains while avoiding overtraining and injury. Among these were a couple Olympic hopefuls wanting to increase strength. The most recent one increased her leg strength by 400% in a few months!

I can help you make the improvements you’ve been wanting to make, but didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or lacked the intensity and commitment necessary. Get in touch with me and get started now! You want to look your best and I will help you do it!